Apolonia Palace Аполония Палас Синеморец
Синеморец Хотел Аполония Палас Хотел Аполония Палас Синеморец Почивка на море Почивка в Синеморец Хотел в Синеморец Ваканция в Синеморец Евтина почивка в Синеморец


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Celebrate with us 01.06.2015

Благодарствено писмо от сем. Стефанови

Най-спокойното, прекрасно, разкошно място за почивка. Хигиената и глезотийте там са невероятни от страна на рецепция, ресторант, камериерки! Дискретни, учтиви, на ниво! Благодарим на всички от сърце ! Желаем Ви успех! сем. Стефанови

Борис и Мария Стефанови

Antique exhibition Burgas



Complex APOLONIA PALACE provides on request transfers by car to Burgas airport, Burgas bus station, Tsarevo airport and Ahtopol airport.


Charter tickets from and to Russia




Bus Transportation

Sofia Central Bus station – village of Sinemorets




Railway station transportation







To the north of Sinemorets there is the protected area “Mouth of Veleka river” with a beautiful seaside area, interesting rock formations amongst which there are a few which are really worth seeing “ The Sphinx”, “ The doves”, “The separated rock” etc.

The river and its valley are amazing with their various animal world-grey heron, great white heron, cormorant, grebe, kingfisher, grey water snake, otter and many kinds of fish.

To the south of Sinemorets you can find the protected area of Silistar which has sheltered bay at the mouth of Silistar river among oak forests. In the area of Butamyata you can see orchids and mulleins so as amazingly interesting trees,oddly deformed by sea winds along the whole seaside.

Today Sinemorets attracts its admirers with the private beaches and sheltered bays along the Strandzha seaside.




Miniature golden chariot with two horses and the goddess of victory NIKE were found in a mound in Sinemorets. It is only 2, 5 cm and it is shown under magnifying glass so the visitors can enjoy seeing in details this unique jewelry piece of the tiara of a priestess. Because of its small size we were not able to take a clear picture with a good quality. Nowadays there a just few pieces of jewelry objects which have such a detailed and precise made! III c. B.C.


Golden necklace with bull’s head. Mound of Sinemorets III c. B.C.









Strandzha is a mountain with millennial history. It treasures up in its land so as in the spiritual space the heritage of several civilizations.
The oldest trays of life in the mountain – stone axes and ceramic fragments found on the Ahtopol peninsular date back from New stone Age and Copper stone Age (6-3 000 B.C).

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Отзиви от гости

“Aпартаментите са много просторни, с абсолютно всички удобства, които са необходими персонала е много любезен хотела е близо до плажа” -  Галя, София (BG)


“Расположение очень удачное: пляж близко, вид на море из номеров радует глаз. Во время нашего посещения( середина июня) в отеле была тишина, народу мало. Уборка- никаких замечаний, очень милые тактичные женщины. Спасибо, огромное всем доброжелательным людям в этой прекрасной теплой стране! Обязательно мы туда, именно в этот отель,приедем снова!!! " - Светлана Кистень, Москвa

“Достаточно новый, красивый апартотель, удачное расположение близко к пляжу. Тихое и спокойное место.”-  Sergey, Moscow (RU)



" Отель красивый и ухоженый. В номерах чисто.  Убирали каждый день . Отличный бассейн на территории отеля. Как для взрослых, так и для детей. Вокруг бассейна шезлонги, стлики и большие зонты. Отзывчивый персонал. " - Nataliа,  Moscow (RU)


Благодарствено писмо

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